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Imagine all patient health data under a single platform

We provide services to digitalize, Safe and secure your patient data on a fully secure platform, complying with all the norms and guidelines of retention policy and Digital information security in Healthcare Act (DISHA).

Patient health information is scattered in offices and hospitals across the country. We provide a common, secure platform that aggregates all Patient electronic health and claims information. Our technology utilizes standardized health data formats to automatically update and store your health information.

New medications? Log in to find patients updated prescription list.

New lab results? View them sooner and follow trends over time. By having all patients’ data easily accessible in one place, you can concentrate on what really matters.

All the features above are required to ensure success and security when meeting the new rules. Health plans must consider a broad list of interoperability, deployment, and support aspects to meet these mandates. We have everything a health plans need to meet the regulations. You have flexibility and options with

our platform and services and can utilize one module that provides full solution for end-to-end use cases.

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